• I get asked all kinds of cool questions so I thought I'd put them here for everyone.
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Q - Are you a real prince?
A - Yes, I am but not like a Prince Charles or "Coming to America".  It's more of a title as I come from a royal family.

Q - How is it being a first time father?
A - It’s challenging buy absolutely enjoyable!  Seeing something so beautiful come from both me and my wife is unreal, like, the ultimate creation on earth and I had a part in that, so cool!

Q - Do you have any pre-game rituals?
A - In college I'd say I did for sure.  You get into these patterns of play where everything is going your way and so, you start subconsciously picking out 'trends' in what you do or wear or say and before long, you've got a ritual going.  For me, I'd put on my left sock before my right sock / wear the same undershirt / hit the restroom / not tying my shoes during pre-game & tighten em' up only when the game started.  I never went out early to stretch, I hung out in the locker room until game time.  Then, one game I got beat and I thought, "Well, if this ritual stuff isn't producing the same great results as when I first started then I'm just not doing it at all".  And so, that put an end to my pre-game rituals.  Now I find myself just stretching, listening to music, catching balls and praying.

Q - What do I listen to around the football field, pre-game etc.?
A - Hill Song calms me down, Drake pumps me up.  I rock Jay Z, too.

Q - When did I start playing football?
A - I started flag football at age 5.  I was playing organized football in pads at 9.

Q - What positions did you play when you were coming up?
A - Well, in college I was recruited as a running back but I was switched to defensive back without any heads up.  I wasn't initially stoked and wanted to transfer as I wanted to play offense but I had some coaches insight and he convinced me to stay and stick it out.  I was difficult you know, playing the game going backwards after going forwards my whole career.  I did stick it out and i LOVE playing DB!

Q - How you approach your training?
A - Weight training was helpful to my offensive play but not so much when I went to defense.  Facing guys like Megatron and Calvin Johnson, speed and leap are huge priorities to work on and entail a different approach than dedicated weight training programs, for me.  So I focus on technique, back pedal, press tech and things like that.  I still weight train to stay strong, for sure, but it's not the cornerstone of my training approach.